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Artifact House // 34 Boyce Ave, Barrington, RI 02806

Artifact House is the first in a series of spec house experiments, putting our expertise to the test with us as our own clients. from [in] form will be renovating and adding to an existing house - giving it the full FIF treatment - before putting it on the market for sale. Our approach to the combination of design and build often results in surprising and (hopefully) beautiful spaces achieved efficiently, and we would like to share these spaces with a larger audience.

This is the house at 34 Boyce Ave, Barrington, RI 02806, before we began our work on it. It was a typical Cape Cod with an attached front porch and a side entrance through the gabled end. The property has a large backyard with a pair of beautiful maple trees in it. The side yard driveway was previously used for off-street parking.

Through this whole process we will be keeping a blog going, and we hope that readers will enjoy the process as much as we do.

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