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Waterfront House


Riverside, RI




Single Family Residence - Addition and Renovation


1370 SF

Project Team:

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood, Michael Larsen, Joshua Ingold, Tristan Mead, Rachel Stopka, Michael Deschenes


Structural Engineering: Structures Workshop, ​Inc.

Surveyor: David D Gardner & Associates, Inc.


Excavation: Dig Rite Co., Inc.

Plumbing: Statewide Plumbing and Heating Co, Inc.

Electrical: New England Energy Concepts

Photos: Nat Rea


A celebration of the daily rituals of a newly married couple, this renovation and master suite addition represents a new phase of life for an existing home. The addition is skewed at an angle to the existing house while the ridge remains in line, giving the addition its unique geometry as well as its inclined eave and overhang. This angle also orients the views from the master suite to the cove beyond and makes space for a new entry foyer.


The master suite, consisting of a bedroom and a full bathroom, opens onto a private exterior deck facing the water, enabling the couple to start and end their day connected to their surroundings. Openings are strategically located both to admit light and frame views of the landscape on the water side, and retain a sense of privacy on the street side. In the master bathroom, horizontal ribbon windows aligned with the height of the tub are designed to bring the stunning view into the experience of soaking.


The relocation of the most private moments of the house into the addition allows the existing volume to be transformed into a generous living and dining area with an open galley kitchen for gathering. In the warm months, the doors can be opened to allow parties to spill out into the yard. An outdoor fire pit invites the couple and their guests to enjoy their evenings by the water.


The overall attitude of the project is one of reusing and re-purposing with a sense of simple beauty. This attitude is shared between from [in] form and our clients, and extends throughout the house. Inside the house, a salvaged tub sits atop reclaimed lumber, the exterior shingles of the existing house become the interior wall finishes of the addition, and cabinet fronts are made from an old school chalkboard and barn wood. Outside, old radiators become garden pavers and charred chimney blocks are used for a bench around the fire pit. The tub filler and the sculptural sink faucet are fabricated out of copper piping, allowing the material to speak simply. The couple’s love of collecting is expanded upon and embodied in a space that they can call their own.

Awarded Silver in the Residential Renovation category of the RI Monthly Design Awards 2017.


Read more about the project on FOR(U)M.

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The new wing attached to the existing house provides extra interior space for the home owner to access. The gestural volume is shaped by the CRMC zoning setback.


A part of volume is pushed back to create a pocket for the backyard porch. Being enclosed by two walls, this space offers the perfect privacy for the home owner to enjoy the riverfront view.


The corner of the new wing is chopped off to provide a private outdoor shower space for the home owner. The outdoor shower mirrors the indoor bathroom right behind the walls. This unique feature allows the owner to experience privacy in a new way.



All of the openings are optimized to maximize view to the riverfront. 

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