Our core belief is that there is a symbiotic relationship between life and the practice of constructing space, that life drives function.


We see that it is built environment’s responsibility to restore the sense of value to one's individuality and perspective through space.  What we create together is an opportunity to better one‘s well being and environment. We leave behind something we believe in.


Our work is born from multiple voices and backgrounds.  We swell as needed to accommodate projects of different scales. From the beginning of every project we assemble an in house team of builders and designers, and specialized consultants when needed, which expands our office, fabrication shop, and on-site construction crews. From the onset of a project, these alliances promote responsible design thinking by incorporating all of our resources, eliminating redundancies, and streamlining the design/build process. We leave behind a collaborative work that crosses many disciplines.


Clients will collaborate with the same group of individuals in the design process, as they will through construction. We stand by our process and the collaborative work we do together with our clients.  We gain close and lifelong relationships.


We encourage client involvement throughout our practice. By giving a voice to the client's insights and skills, we strive to develop a harmonious dialogue. We leave behind space that reflects the life occupying it.


We promote sustainable practices. As a primary focus, we strive for sustainability with minimal impact through the reuse of materials, limitation of excess, reclamation of second-hand goods, and use of regional new materials. Such practices, coupled with attention to detail in design and construction, promote high quality with a sustainable focus.  We leave behind projects with integrity and a sensitive mark on this earth.


We live in a very beautiful house. This was not always the case though. We found a sad, highly dated home in a lovely setting by the water. from [in] form provided the vision and creativity to design a modern highly-livable home while remaining true to the land ...


If you have the privilege of working with

from [in] form you should do so. We recommend them without reservations.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with from [in] form and would highly recommend the company to anyone ... They worked closely with us, they took account of all of our input and came up with interesting cost-efficient ways to incorporate our wishes, they were extremely transparent and detailed with their billing/pricing and they were absolutely respectful of our home and our family during the renovation. They showed up every single day, never left us hanging, never left us questioning when they were coming back or finishing up. It was an outstanding experience and we could not be happier with our home.

from [in] form's design directive is expansive and visionary - they came in to see about a stair, and ended up solving a number of challenges in my space with just a few moves. They are keen and focused when it comes to the details and practicalities ...


Working with them was informative, engaging, and a true collaboration. Jason's experience as a master craftsman and a builder is the perfect compliment to their architecture and design skills, and is rare and valuable.




Jason Wood founded from [in] form in Providence, Rhode Island in 2008 to re-establish a design-build practice he previously had in Phoenix, Arizona. Jason began building homes in Arizona several years prior where he was a foreman for a crew of custom framers.  With over two decades of construction experience, Jason is a principal of from [in] form, the on-site foreman and construction manager, head wood fabricator, and a lead designer.


Jason received his Masters in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and his Bachelor of Science in Design from Arizona State University.  He was the recipient of the Sean Murphy Travel Prize (2000) and was awarded the ASU Design Excellence Award (2000 - 2002) from Arizona State University.  Jason has taught core and advanced design studios, integrated building systems, and has advised thesis students at the Rhode Island School of Design.

adrienne WOOD


Adrienne Wood partnered with from [in] form in 2009.  She has fabrication and on-site construction work experience, and worked in an architectural firm for several years. With over a decade of experience in the architecture field, she is a principal of from [in] form, the head design consultant, company manager, and a designer.


Adrienne received her Masters in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and her undergraduate degree from Colorado State University in Civil Engineering.  Adrienne has taught in the architecture department at the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as workshops and classes at RISD in the continuing education young artist program. She has also taught at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Monash University, and the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (MET) in Providence.

fAN wU


Fan Wu joined from [in] form after completing her Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Art degrees at Rhode Island School of Design in 2018. Fan is interested in making space that nurtures and inspires life. She thrives to make spaces that help us to connect – connect with ourselves, our associates and our surroundings. She looks forward to broadening her design knowledge and skills through the robust and investigational design-build practice of FIF. Her design work was featured on the RISD Portfolios website in 2016.  



Zach joins from [in] form after six years in the restaurant and agriculture industries, primarily working as a cheesemaker. He started in the field of residential construction in 2017 and looks forward to developing his skills as a carpenter. He graduated from Bucknell University with a BA in Environmental Studies.


kim benotti


Evan laporte

Our work has incorporated the voices and skills of many.  As educators we are deeply invested in engaging our practice with the talented people with whom we cross paths, whether for the length of an internship / apprenticeship or for many years.  Many of our past team members have gone on to form their own businesses, to continue their education, to explore other parts of the world, and to learn new aspects of their discipline.


RACHEL STOPKA Lead Designer 2014-2020

BRUCE CAIL Builder 2017-2020

TRISTAN MEAD Foreman 2011-2019

ADAM YORKS  Builder  2018

SHOU JIE ENG  Designer 2015-2018

JAY WALSH  Builder 2014-2018

BOBBY HAODING ZHAO  Design Intern 2018

GRAHAM COTTRELL Builder 2017-2018

STEVE KARLIN 2017-2018

​TYLER BROWN  Builder 2017

MICHAEL ROTATORI  Foreman 2015-2017

MICHAEL DESCHENES  Builder 2014-2015, 2017

BEN BARLOW  Builder 2017


LAUREN BARNES  Design Intern 2017

ERICH CICIONE  Foreman 2015-2016

NAGIBE DESROSIERS  Bookkeeper 2014-2016

JOSEPH KAPLAN  Apprentice Builder 2016


KEVIN CUNNINGHAM  Builder 2012-2015

ROBERT WILLIAMS  Designer 2013-2014

MICHAEL LARSEN  Designer and Builder 2012-2014

JOSHUA INGOLD  Designer and Lead Fabricator 2010-2014

MIKE TODD  Builder 2013

MATTHEW BOHNE  Design Intern 2012

ETHAN BARLOW  Designer and Builder 2011

BRETT DUNNAM  Builder 2011

KYLE KISER  Builder 2011

ALEX WOOD  Builder 2006, 2010



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