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Art[i]fact House is the first in a series of spec house experiments, putting our expertise to the test without a client. We purchased it as a small 700 sf Cape Cod with an attached front porch and a side entrance through the gabled end. We then renovated and added to the existing house - giving it the full from [in] form treatment - before putting it on the market for sale. Our approach to the combination of design and build often results in surprising and beautiful spaces achieved efficiently, and we continue to want to share this dialogue with a larger audience.

art[i]fact house



Barrington, RI





Single-family residence


0,000 sf

Project Team:

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood, Rachel Stopka, Shou Jie Eng, Tristan Mead, Jay Walsh, Bruce Cail, Graham Cottrell, Michael Rotatori, Tyler Brown, Steve Karlin, Ethan Barlow, ??? Barlow

Photographer: Nat Rea

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