A Cabin Afield

Location: Little Compton, RI


Completed: 2019

Program: Residential Outbuilding


​Size: 470 SF



​Project Team:

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood, Rachel Stopka, Shou Jie Eng, Tristan Mead, Bruce Cail, Adam Yorks

We dwell in protection; when protected, we are able to take risks.  


Our clients own a 70 acre farm stretching from a main road to the banks of a saltwater pond.  Yet the existing house by the road left them feeling disconnected from the dense New England woods, old farm paths, and salty breeze they so value in their surroundings.  


The project is a threshold to the natural environment beyond.  Both architecture and site create a series of layers of protection.  Each layer passed shields the past, exposing potential beyond. A wall of wood, stacked and seasoned, is burned in the space, warming its occupants with the embodied heat of the woods.  Glazing and deck are an invitation to open up to the natural world, to step out into it.





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