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Location: Pawtucket, RI





Community Garden +

Gathering Pavilion


​Project Team:

Rhode Island School of Design

Architectural Design Students Spring 2011

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood and Architectural Design Faculty Spring 2011

Blossom offers a community garden to the elderly housing community next to the Chinese Christian Church as well as to the church members. As water is only available remotely, the small adjacent structure was designed to provide a rain catchment surface so that water could be collected and used to nourish the garden. There is also an uncovered platform looking at the lower pavilion that provides a place to rest, eat a peaceful lunch, or hold a small gathering.

The lower pavilion was sited to bring visitors and community members closer to the water and enjoy the natural setting, a rare opportunity in Pawtucket. The pavilion provides covering and a variety of seating types for large gatherings, barbecues, or small groups of picnickers seeking out a private spot to rest.

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