Horizon House

Location: Warwick, RI

Completed: 2016

Program: Single Family Residence - Addition and Renovation

Size: 2500 SF

​Project Team:

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood, Rachel Stopka, Erich Cicione, Michael Rotatori, Tristan Mead, Jay Walsh, Joseph Kaplan, Shou Jie Eng

Photos: Nat Rea

Located on the west bank of the Providence River overlooking Marsh Island, the existing ranch’s eastern view immediately served as a driver for the project. The house is a mediating presence between our clients and the environment, a frame for the world beyond its extents. The long and low aspect of the carport from the street holds the horizon.  To enter the house, one moves along its long edge before turning to face the water directly. From the entry there is a multilateral view of the world: sky through the high second floor window, horizon and jetty through the main floor glazing, and ground through the lower level sliding glass door.


This project strikes a balance between spatial efficiency and affect. The only square footage that was added was an artist's studio on the second floor, yet the addition of generous glazing and an open central stair provide a sense of expansiveness throughout the house. A vaulted ceiling and skylight above exposed original collar ties creates space that connects the experiences of cooking, dining, and creating.






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