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The Grange

Location: Providence, RI


Completed: 2014

Program: Restaurant Outdoor Seating ​


Size: 250 SF

Project Team:

Jason Wood, Adrienne Wood, Joshua Ingold, Tristan Mead, Rachel Stopka




The Grange, a popular vegetarian restaurant on the West Side of Providence, along with Chicory, its smoothie and juice bar sibling, was looking for a way to engage its busy street corner in the warm summer months. In response, we proposed exterior tables and seating that would bring the activity of the restaurant out to the sidewalk. Spillover areas for customers of both operations waiting to be seated allow them to order a drink while milling about. The height of table and seating surfaces negotiate the different functional requirements of the two entrances in order to create a sense of a single exterior space. In the winter months, the demountable table surfaces are removed, leaving benches that continue to provide customers with a moment of repose before continuing with the movement of their day.

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