Closet and Enclosure

The custom-made four piece closet captures the tectonics from the wooden tile floor. The massive volume also forms an enclosure for the users the change clothes behind it. View Project: Providence Loft

Spatial Organization

We found space for sharing conversation, learning, and excellent food at Genesis Center’s adult culinary arts education center by generously connecting the kitchen to its adjacent classroom. Circulation flows on one side while demonstrations, coffee, snacks and stories flow on the other. Cooking classes move from classroom lecture and prep into the kitchen, allowing students to learn and work collaboratively, yet with plenty of space of their own. We created bright, open and flexible space that supports students’ investment in their passion and economic independence. Genesis Center

Art[i]fact Footprint

This project stems from our desire to feel the history of the house that once was, now pulled apart; rebuilt with space for air, for light, for memory, for curiosity, for connection. Space was found between the existing home’s foundation and the push of current zoning setbacks on the newly constructed upper volume. Art[i]fact House

Access Outdoor

The existing layout prevents the home owner from conveniently accessing the back patio that the family love to use for dining. A single gesture with kitchen space realignment and custom-made kitchen island would create a direct access to the outdoor dining space and provide more storage and efficiency to the kitchen space. East Side Kitchen

Out [Building] Cabin Foundation

With the formwork ready, we began to pour concrete for the foundation footings. This would become the foundation for out (building) in a beautiful, open landscape.

Abandoned Attic

With the collar ties and studs exposed, ancient pieces of furniture lying around, there is actually much potentials in this unfinished attic space. We would connect the attic space to the office space thereby making the entire third floor spatially habitable for an entire family.

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